Artist/ Band: Saga
Title: Network: Special Edition
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Iíve been a fan of Saga ever since seeing their On The Loose video on MTV about 20 years ago. I lost track of them about a year later and rediscovered the band with their Generation 13 album then again thanks to a friend of mine in 2002. When I began purchasing most of their back remastered catalog as well as their releases after 2002. One thing about the band is over the years they remained consistent with their sound and only slightly adjusting it to the times.

In 2004, Saga continues their legacy on their 15th release, Network. For those that havenít purchased a copy, you can get the Special Edition version which contains a 5.1 stereo mix of the entire album on a dvd format. Why did they release a special edition a year later you ask? Well the band was picked up in late 2004 by InsideOut Music, and decided to give the album their Special Edition treatment and reissued Network in 2005. This might be a hard sell to some mainly because the dvd doesnít contain any footage of the band, only graphics when the 5.1 stereo mix plays. Personally I feel any true fan should upgrade if they already own a copy and for those that havenít purchased Network. This is the version to get. Network is by far their best overall album since Generation 13 and their five albums.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2006


Disc 1
1. On The Air
2. Keep It Reel
3. Iím Back
4. If I Were You
5. Outside Looking In
6. Donít Look Now
7. Live At Five
8. Back Where We Started
9. Believe
10. Donít Make A Sound

Disc 2
Special Edition Bonus DVD
- 5.1 Mix of the entire album

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