Artist/ Band: RPWL
Title: Start The Fire: Live
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

2005 is a big year for RPWL, release wise. Earlier this year they released a fantastic studio album called. World Through My Eyes which to my ears is the band’s best material to date. Now towards the end of 2005, the band releases a live recording and to make it even sweeter, it’s a double disc. From the opener of “Sleep” to “Trying To Kiss The Sun”, the first disc has a nice flow from song to song. Other highlights on disc 1 are “Who Do You Think We Are” from God Has Failed. To me the icing on the cake is the guest appearance by Ray Wilson on both “Roses” and on the Genesis tune “Not About Us”. Even one of my favorite early songs is featured, “Trying To Kiss The Sun” which is an excellent ending to the first disc.

Now on the second disc, the band pays tribute to Pink Floyd “Cymbaline”, and “Welcome To The Machine”, which is cool since they were originally Pink Floyd tribute band. They also do an amazing version of Syd Barrett’s “Opel”. The second disc ends with a studio track,, that was featured on their last studio album, “World Through My Eyes” but this time it’s the full version. In all honesty, I love the band but this studio track should have been featured on their Rose’s cd single. With that said, this is recommended to RPWL fans, and for those that aren’t fans yet, this is a perfect starting point to get into the band’s music. I even heard there’s plan for a dvd release of this album. I and I’m sure others can’t wait for that!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 3rd, 2006


CD 1:
1) Sleep
2) Start the Fire
3) Who Do You Think We Are
4) Day On My Pillow
5) Roses (with Ray Wilson)
6) Not About Us (with Ray Wilson)
7) The Gentle Art of Swimming
8) Wasted Land
9) Crazy Lane
10) Trying to Kiss the Sun

CD 2:
1) World Through My Eyes
2) Opel
3) Cymbaline
4) Welcome to the Machine
5) I Don’t Know
6) Hole in the Sky

Bonus Track:
7) New Stars Are Born (unreleased complete studio version)

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