Artist/ Band: RPWL
Title: World Through My Eyes
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Itís wonderful to see that RPWL has shed their Pink Floyd based music. For those that donít know, they were also a Pink Floyd tribute band at one time. On their latest release,. World Through My Eye, the music has a more modern straight forward style while retaining just enough of their Floyd style. They sound on par with the new Spockís Beard and could be the future of modern progressive Rock, with the emphasis on rock. There are also similarities to Sylvan, Porcupine Tree, Alan Parsons, and the Beatles.

This is one of my favorite releases of 2004 and could arguably be one of the better cross-over releases as well. Thereís plenty of rock in the music to entice non-proggers into listening to RPWL for the first time and just enough prog for their fans of their previous works. World Through My Eyes is a very, lush, hauntingly beautiful body of work that will please fans of the more pop oriented style of progressive rock.

Cool thing was to see they had a guest vocalist on one of the songs. That guest vocalist was Ray Wilson. He did a splendid job on the song ďRosesĒ. It even has a single possibility to it and I hope he gets invited back to do more collaborations with RPWL in the very near future.

This is one of the few CDs where I enjoy each song on it, therefore I have no favorites. I canít recommend this CD enough. Check out their other releases as well, you wonít be sorry. In fact, your ears will thank you!.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 8th, 2005


1. Sleep
2. Start The Fire
3. Everything Was Not Enough
4. Roses
5. Lights
6. Sea-Nature
7. Day On My Pillow
8. World Through My Eyes
9. Wasted Land
10. Bound To Reach The End

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