Artist: RPWL
Title: Stock (cd only)
Produced by:
Label/ Date: InsideOut Music / 2003


1. Opel [5:27]
2. The Way It Is [5:47]
3. Perceptual Response [1:21]
4. Forgive Me / Part 1 [1:39]
5. Gentle Art of Swimming [10:17]
6. Who Do You Think You Are [3:26]
7. Going Outside [0:24]
8. Sun in The Sky [4:23]
9. Forgive Me / Part 2 [3:01]
10. Forgive Me / Part 3 [3:07]

The Review:
This is my first introduction to the former German Pink Floyd tribute band RPWL. In March 2003, they released their 3rd recording, Stock as cd/dvd combo. Since I didn't receive the dvd portion, I will only comment on the cd portion. After many listens I hear more of a Porcupine Tree based sound than Pink Floyd. Stock's sound fits nicely between The Sky Moves Sideways and Signify.

They start out the Cd with a cover of Syd Barrett's "Opel", although I never heard the original I can say it's very well done.

All of the songs are around the 3 to 5 minute mark with the exception of "Gentle Art of Swimming" which clocks in a bit over 10 minutes. Again more PT than a PF sound. Very good music, highly recommended to Porcupine tree and Pink Floyd fans alike!

Reviewd by Ron Fuchs on May 5th, 2003

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