Artist/ Band: Phideaux
Title: Snowtorch
Label: Bloodfish
Year of Release: 2011
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Phideaux released his eighth album, Snowtorch, just in time for his performance at Rosfest in Gettysburg, PA. According to Phideaux, this album was supposed to be released in December 2010 but things get delayed, but at least Snowtorch was released. Also, Phideaux told me that this album is a true band effort whereas everyone contributed to the sound of Snowtorch.

The album was released in a mini-LP format and makes the album extra special, in my opinion. There are two epics, one close to 20 minutes (Part One). The vocals again are shared by Phideaux and Valerie Gracious. These two voices are very unique in the world of Jon Anderson clones. Itís those two voices that makes Phideaux (the band) very special to me and Iím sure many of their fans would agree with me.

In between thereís a nearly 6 minute track called ďHelixĒ, which nicely acts like a bridge between the two epics, Part One and Two. In no time youíre engulfed in this magical music. Thereís a unnamed song after Part Two that according to Phideaux acts as a coda/closure. The overall length of Snowtorch is just under 45 minutes. Short for some and perfect length for others. I for one would love to watch the entire Snowtorch album played in a live setting one day. (Hope for those attending Rosfest that would happen for them.)

This is their best material yet. Phideaux, as a artist and a band has truly set the bar for prog music in 2011. Both he and the band invokes all of the glorious progressive rock from the past and takes the genre into the future and beyond. Snowtorch is simply one of the best albums of 2011, and Iím sure itíll show up on many prog sites as a top release. So if youíre a fan of the band or melodic prog, this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 17th, 2011


01. Snowtorch [Part One] a) Star Of Light, b) Retrograde, c) Fox On The Rocks, d) Celestine (19:42)

02. Helix (5:54)

03. Snowtorch [Part Two] a) Blowtorch Snowjob b) Fox Rock 2 c) Coronal Mass Ejection (16:29)

04. ... (2:40)

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