Artist/ Band: Phideaux
Title: Doomsday Afternoon
Label: Bloodfish
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Wow! Phideaux's released his 6th and most symphonic album called Doomsday Afternoon. This is the second part of a trilogy, the first part The Great Leap set the tone with a very interesting dark concept album about the environmental decay in today’s world. With influences like Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, David Bowie circa Man Who Sold The World, The Cure, Depeche Mode and so much more. One can see that with these influences, Phideaux creates an amazing mixture of an eclectic influences in what I like to say the future of progressive art rock.

Joining Phideaux is Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and some guest players like Matthew Parmenter (Discipline) and Martin Orford (ex.IQ.). The album is divided into Two Acts; each with 5 songs. My favorites are the 11 minute opening track, “Micro Softdeathstar” and “Thank You For The Evil “ where Matthew Parmenter guests on vocals.

Finally the ending track, “Microdeath Softstar”, the longest track of the album and a perfect ending piece . Parmenter guests on vocals and violin on this one as well. Seems like Phideaux and Parmenter make a very good team. I hope they continue this on the final part of the trilogy.

If you enjoy Phideaux’s previous works, you’re in for a treat here on Doomsday Afternoon. You must pick up this album ASAP! His music continues to astonish and amaze my aural senses. I can’t wait for more of his music. You can hear for yourself the, dare I say, genius of Phideaux at his page at MySpace. Needless to say this Doomsday Afternoon gets my high recommendation and one of the best releases of 2007. Go get it now at your favorite vendor!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 24th, 2007


Act One:
1. Micro Softdeathstar (11:00)
2. The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice (Part One) (3:05)
3. Candybrain (4:05)
4. Crumble (2:50)
5. The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice (Part Two) (6:50)

Act Two:
6. Thank You For The Evil (9:10)
7. A Wasteland Of Memories (2:40)
8. Crumble (3:00)
9. Formaldehyde (8:20)
10. Microdeath Softstar (14:10)

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