Artist/ Band: Phideaux
Title: Number Seven
Label: Bloodfish
Year of Release: 2009
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Phideaux takes a break from his three-album trilogy which began in 2006 with, The Great Leaps and continued with critically acclaimed 2007 release, Doomsday Afternoon. In 2009, on Summer Solstice, he released an album called Number Seven, which is also how many albums he has out to date. Musically, I feel this is his most progressive rock sounding effort yet. It’s also, in my opinion, the next logical evolution to the previous album, Doomsday Afternoon.

The story telling is in the typical enjoyable Phideaux style. It tells the story of a Dormouse but that’s far as I figured out, thanks to the three subtitled sections; Dormouse Ensnared, Dormouse Escapes and Dormouse Enlightened. I’m sure with more listens, will find me for about the concept. I feel any well written story shouldn’t be too easy to figure out, or else future listens won’t be as enjoyable.

Just like most of Phideaux’s albums since Chupacabras, the music is continuous from song to song, which for a more seasoned listener won’t be an issue. I’ve been fortunate to own all of his albums to date and get great pleasure in hearing them over and over. Highlights for me on Number Seven, from each section are “Waiting For The Axe To Fall”, “Gift Of Flame” and “Love Theme From Number Seven.

So far 2009 has been a banner year for amazing music. If you have enjoyed what music Phideaux has created so far, especially from Chupacabras forward, then it’ll be a no-brainer to get Number Seven. It’s destined to be in my top favorites of 2009 and gets my highest recommendation. (I’m also really looking forward to hearing the way the songs on the studio albums, sound live at the 3RP Festival.)

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 6th, 2009


One: Dormouse Ensnared:

01. Dormouse - A Theme
02. Waiting For The Axe To Fall
03. Hive Mind
04. The Claws Of A Crawfish
05. My Sleeping Slave

Two: Dormouse Escapes

06. Darkness At Noon
07. Prequiem
08. Gift Of The Flame
09. Interview With A Doormouse
10. Thermonuclear Cheese
11. The Search For Terrestrial Life
12. A Fistful Of Fortitude

Three: Dormouse Enlightened

13. Love Theme From "Number Seven"
14. Storia Santi
15. Infinite Supply
16. Dormouse - An End

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