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Title: Toons Tunes From The Past
Label: Free Electric Sound
Year of Release: 2008
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Mörglbl is a heavy progressive fusion band from France that has some metallic moments. The band started in 1996 and released a debut album called The Morglbl Trio!! in 1997. They followed that up in 1999 with Bienvenue à Mörglbl Land. Both of these albums have been long out of print and thanks to the their current label Free Electric Sound, they have been reissued as a double set in 2008.

Disc one is The Morglbl Trio and Disc Two is Bienvenue à Mörglbl Land. It also contains two previously released tracks, which just sweetens the package. The trio adds just enough humor into the mix, without sacrificing their musicianship. The band’s muscle is the aggressive metallic guitar sound which is complimented by a solid rhythm section. Just think of them as a modern fusion band that uses elements found in progressive rock and metal. This is perfect for the modern music listener that wants some power in their music.

This is a perfect addition for fans of the genres of both progressive and fusion based music. I’m very new to this genre but I can say hands down that Mörglbl is a band that has staying power in the progressive mind music world. I’d whole heartedly recommend this album as a perfect starting point for the band to fans both new to the genre as well as those well versed.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2009


Disc One: The Morglbl Trio !! (1998)

01. Links
02. The Tale Of Thibault
03. Streets and Traps
04. Inside Power
05. Il Bello di Notte
06. Les Mecanisme du Temps
07. Travels
08. Mexico
09. Lieutenant Colombin
10. Strictement Confidentiel
11. Monishkolio
12. The Principles of Life
13. Friends

Disc Two: Bienvenue A Morglbl Land (1999)

01. Bienvenue Morglbl Land
02. Scipagnoleg et Bombola
03. Pekno- Teckno Boy
04. L'age de L'eveil
05. Le Fantome de Savoie
06. Angelica
07. BenïVoilal
08. Derriere les Sourires
09. Cleopatatras
10. Scouskymegnum
11. Conversations D'alcove
12. Jouons Un Peu
13. Toons Tunes
14. Nounours a Disparu

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