Artist/ Band: Morglbl
Title: Jazz For The Deaf
Label: Free Electric Sound
Year of Release: 2009
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Morglbl have been creating quite a name for themselves among the fusion world. In fact I think they can be named upon the greats. I must admit when I reviewed Grotesk last year, I didn’t feel “worthy” in my music knowledge. While I’m still a “student” of the music world, I am opening up to the amazing world of Morglbl. Now in 2009, they released an album called “Jazz For The Deaf”. Oddly enough the album name describes the basis of the band.

The music, for the initiated listener, is a fusion of crunchy metallic riffs, jazz-rock, blues, world music and a healthy dose of humor. Just imagine a combined sound with influences by Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, and Allan Holdsworth and you get an idea of what to expect. The songs range from 4-6 minutes, which has a slight improv feel to it while in a contained concise package.

Highlights for me are the opening track “Morglbl Circus”, the rocker “Stoner de brest”, (which reminds me a little of solo Ronnie Montrose circa 1979) , and the monster (pardon the pun) “The Monster Within Me” and the title track which both shreds and crunches in grand Morglbl style.. So without any doubt this album is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and one of my favorite releases of 2009.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 24th, 2009


01. Morglbl Circus
02. 22oz.
03. Borderline
04. Myspacebook
05. Stoner De Brest
06. The Bleach Boy
07. The Monster Within Me
08. Jazz For Deaf People
09. Point d'Org
10. Hell's Balls
11. Untold Stories
12. My Little Man

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