Artist/ Band: Kosmos
Title: Polku
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Kosmos is a folk-progressive group from Finland with ties to Viima and both bands are from Turku. These bands played on each other’s debuts, Kosmos’ Tarinoita Voimasta and Vilma's Ajatuksia Mailman Laidalta and Kimmo Lähteenmäki continues to play in both groups. Musically they’re similar but Kosmos’ music leans mostly to early 70's progressive-folk with psych leanings.

Polku is their second album which was released in late 2006 contains some of the most beautiful untreated female vocals I’ve heard in recent times. The vocals are in the band’s native tongue but doesn’t distract the listener at all. It, along with the instrumentation makes for a nice dreamy, psychedelic 70's feel.

This is one of the more enjoyable cds I’ve had the pleasure to have heard. I’d recommend it to fans of female vocalized progressive, folk and psychedelic music I would recommend this release to fans of bands like Renaissance and the mellower sides of Magenta, Mostly Autumn and Iona. One minor thing, I do feel cheated on this album. Why? Well it only clocks in at 38:25, which to me is too short!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 3rd, 2007


1. Polku I - 1:10
2. Vieras Kieli - 6:25
3. Kesa - 3:24
4. Omini'i Dakakos - 8:05
5. Lahja vai Kirous - 4:07
6. Eksyin - 4:24
7. Ouija - 4:22
8. Nuoruus - 4:22
9. Polku II - 1:51

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