Artist/ Band: Viima
Title: Ajatuksia Maailman Laidalta
Label: Viima Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

When I received a package with Viimaís Ajatuksia Maailman Laidalta cd, I honestly wasnít sure what to expect. So after a few listens I can safely say the music is seventies inspired Symphonic Prog. I do believe the band is using some vintage instruments (at least with the keyboards) to achieve this sound. Plus Viima is fronted by some beautiful female vocals, sung in Finnish.

Musically, bands from the seventies come to mind especially Renaissance and Camel. Renaissance for the sound and female vocals and Camel for the fluid guitar leads and keyboards. A modern band Viima reminds me of is the first White Willow album. Vocally, even though itís not in English, it sounds much like another instrument. Iím sure it would have ruined the musical vibe if English vocals were forced. This for true music afficionados, will be a very minor drawback.

Ajatuksia Maailman Laidalta is very enjoyable and a fantastic debut album. Itís one of those albums you want to hear againa and again. I look forward to future releases. I feel Viima will become one of the big names in modern progressive rock. So if youíre a fan of the afore mentioned bands, as well as Magenta, Mostly Autumn and Karnataka, then pick yourself up a copy of Ajatuksia Maailman Laidalta today! Itís destined to be on my top favorites of 2006 thus being a recommended buy.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 22nd, 2006


1. Leijonan Syksy
2. Ajatuksia Maailman Laidalta
3. Ilmalaiva Italia
4. Meri
5. Luuttomat
6. Johdatus

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