Artist: John Young
Title: Significance
Label/ Date: Heritage Records 2002


1. Significance [4:21]
2. All Gone [3:15]
3. Closer [4:27]
4. When I Was Young [4:16]
5. Papa (instrumental) [3:36]
6. Open Skies [3:56]
7. Underside [6:45]
8. Stranger Than Fiction [3:55]
9. Listening [3:34]
10. Used [3:36]
11. Under Angel Wings [3:18]
12. Just One Day [4:35]
13. Insignificance [4:35]

The Review:

Multi-instrumentalist/ vocalist, John Young returns, on his first full length release after several well produced demos.

As previously stated his vocals are similar sounding to his some time band mate John Wetton.

The music on Insignificance. like "Life Underground: Demos" is still for those who appreciate beautiful written and sung song based prog rather than the complex or agressive progressive music.

The songs have a strong radio-friendly almost adult contemporary/ soft rock presence with a with possible Top 40 charting appeal (if properly promoted).

John Young has some outstanding credits to his name that, including such artists as the afore mentioned John Wetton, Bonnie Tyler (touring keyboardist), The Scorpions (touring keyboardist), Fish (Fellini Days) and most recently fronting vocally and providing secondary keyboards for the legendary band Greenslade.

John Young's bright future shine again and he plans to put together to appeal to the prog fans out there so stay tuned!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs On September 15th, 2002

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