Artist: John Young
Title: N.C.V. (No Commercial Value)
Label/ Date: Heritage Records 2000 (CD-R)


1. Asteroid [3:57]
2. Voyager [4:28]
3. Chance Encounter [4:17]
4. Ascent [5:11]
5. A Clearer Sky [5:06]
6. Daybreak [3:01]
7. Corpus [4:12]
8. Bible White [3:20]
9. Whirl [4:04]
10. Araindi [4:31]
11. Air Miles [4:09]
12. Sapporo [3:15]

The Review:

John Young does all the instrumentations again and this time he goes back to his roots on this collection of twelve mostly keyboard based prog/ ambient instrumentals, ranging in styles from Moraz to Vangelis.

From the first song, the peaceful sounding "Asteroids" (sounds like an homage to King Crimson, I hear snipets of Matte Kudasai in through-out) to the soft techno-based "A Clearer Sky" he shows yet another side to his talented fortay.

The amazing thing about I've noticed about John is that he can be either a one-man band or part of a band very easily by complimenting any artist with his keyboard and backing vocal abilities.

Reviewd by Ron Fuchs On April 25th, 2002

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