Artist/ Band: Galahad
Title: Battle Scars
Label: Avalon Records
Year of Release: 2012
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The Review:

Ever since 2002 when I was first exposed to Galahad and reviewed Year Zero, I have enjoyed each and every album that they’ve released. With each album since, they without fail improved upon the formula created on Year Zero. Now in 2012, they have released a pair of brilliant albums, of which I’ll now be reviewing Battle Scars and my colleague, Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria (see his review link below).

The line-up for Battle Scars was: Stuart Nicolson (vocals), Roy Keyworth (Guitars), Spencer Luckman (Drums), Neil Pepper (Bass, guitars, keyboards) and Dean Baker (Keyboards). Since the recording, Neil had passed away from cancer and is greatly missed by the band and fans alike.

The direction on Battle Scars continues in a heavier vein while retaining, what could be called, the band’s modern signature sound. From the opening title track, “Battle Scars” (7:04) to the closing remake of the 1995 “Sleepers” (14:07) the fans are treated to both an accessible and complex musical journey.

I will admit that I found it difficult to choose highlights but after a lot of deep listening I came to the conclusion that the title track “Battle Scars“ (7:04), “Bitter and Twisted” (6:57) and “Seize the Day” (8:32) are easily the highlights as well as a representative of the overall Galahad “sound” from this album.

This along with it’s companion album, Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria, are easily some of the best music to come out in 2012 (and both are included on my top favorite releases of 2012). Without any doubt, highly recommended for both long time fans as well as fans of modern progressive rock.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 22nd, 2012


01. Battle Scars (7:04)
02. Reach For The Sun (3:55)
03. Singularity (7:30)
04. Bitter and Twisted (6:57)
05. Suspended Animation (4:04)
06. Beyond the Barbed Wire (5:29)
07. Seize The Day (8:32)
Bonus Track:
08. Sleepers 2012

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