Artist/ Band: Galahad
Title: Resonance: Live In Poland (DVD)
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

My first exposure to the band, Galahad was their Year Zero album in 2002, since then I was hooked. When I heard of a DVD, I was ecstatic and once it arrived in my mail, I rushed to put it on. The DVD was captured while performing a concert at the Wyspianski theate in Katowice, Poland on May 22nd 2006. Included on the DVD and special edition version is a CD with some extra tracks and demos from the upcoming release “Empires Never Last”.

Most of the playlist is from their forthcoming full-length “Empires Never Last” CD but they also do songs like “Sleepers”, “Bug eye” and the first 4 parts of the “Year Zero” album.. To hear Year Zero live was worth the admission, in my opinion, as was hearing new songs like “I Could Be GOD” and the title track from the upcoming album.

After viewing this DVD, I often wondered why Galahad never got as popular as bands like Pendragon, Marillion, IQ or Pallas. They’re as equally good as those bands, in some ways they embody each of the character traits of each band. I’m sure after this DVD and their upcoming appearance at Rosfest, that will change and more will know the splendor that is Galahad.

Also included in the DVD are some cool bonus features like some audio material from the ENL sessions and a previous studio demo plus a cool documentary, biography, discography, photo gallery and some web stuff. This is a fantastic starting place for those unaware of the band, especially those lucky enough to see them at their upcoming ROSfest in Pennsylvania. You can even hear “I Could Be GOD“ on their MySpace page!.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 24th, 2007


Intro: Montagues and Capulets (Prokofiev)
1. I Could Be God
2. Year Zero (Parts 1 to 4: I. Yearzeroverture; II. Belt Up; III. Ever the Optimist; IV. The Charlotte Suite)
3. Bug Eye
4. Sidewinder
5. Sleepers
6. Empires Never Last
7. Termination
8. This Life Could Be My Last

Additional Audio tracks:
Termination; This Is Where I Come From; Empires Never Last - Part 2; Wagging Tongues; Spineless; Sidewinder; The Pleasure House

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