Artist/ Band: Galahad
Title: Year Zero
Label: Avalon Records
Year of Release: 2002
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The Review:

Their 5th studio release, Year Zero is somewhat a modern day Dark Side of the Moon with it's experimental sounds and continueous flowing of music from track to track. Unlike, Dark Side, there are NO proper songs or obvious singles. Basically there is No Commerical Value whatsoever with is a major plus for progressive rock bands today.

The music on Year Zero contains elements of neo-prg with a harder edge than usual, some jazz, dance, ambient, world, classical and choral music to name a few styles. From several descriptions of the sub-genre, it's very un neo-prog in it's approach where the vocals aren't the centerpiece. There are NO songs about hobbits, Gandalf, King Arthur or any future worlds... It's a concept album of sorts abot life in general and how we live it with all of it's ironies both up and down.

Come take a chance on Galahad's Year Zero... it's an excellent release for 2002, a must have for most open-minded prog music lovers. (Editor's note: In 2012, the band re-issued Year Zero in an expanded form to include a live audio set of the entire album. So if you haven't already purchased this great album, do so now! You won't regret it!)

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 9th, 2002


I. Year Zeroverture [4:45]
II. Belt up [3:48]
III. Ever the Optimist [3:43]
IV. The Charolette Suite [1:07]
V. Haunted [4:21]
VI. Democracy [9:53]
VII. Baroque and Roll Dementia [2:26]
VIII. A Deeper Understanding? [3:52]
IX. The Jazz Suite [1:42]
X. Take A Deep Breath and Hold On Tight [1:36]
XIi. Hindsight 1 - Piano and Clarinet [2:14]
XIii. Hindsight 2 - A very clever guy indeed [5:41]
XII. The September Suite [3:45]
XIII. World Watching [2:26]
XIV. Deceptive Vistas/Postscript - Perspective [4:44] <

Dics 2: Live
01. Year Zero - Parts I - IV Live at Mr Kyps [13:33]
02. Year Zero - Part V Live at Mr Kyps [4:27]
03. Year Zero - Parts VI - X Live at Mr Kyps [14:59]
04. Year Zero - Parts XIIi & XIV Live at Mr Kyps [10:57]
05. Richelieu's Prayer [8:41]

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