Artist/ Band: Fromuz
Title: Overlook
Label: 10T Records
Year of Release: 2009
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Fromuz has followed up their amazing debut release 'Audio Diplomacy' (2007) with a scorching new album called 'Overlook' which again was released early on in 2009 on the U.S. label 10T Records. They continue their brand of instrumental heavy jazz rock/fusion with the emphasis on heavy from the first album to ‘Overlook‘ with 5 lengthy tracks ranging from 10 to 17 minutes. I feel with the lengthier tracks, the band is allowed to explore and expand on musical ideas without sounding forced or as obligatory epic that the genre has been known for. In fact I find new sounds each time I hear this album.

The combination of progressive and heavy elements will appease fans of Planet X, Spaced Out, label mates Bolt and Headshear to name a few. There is plenty of music here without over staying it’s welcome. I would recommend to those fans and those into heavier instrumental music to add ‘Overlook’ into their collection immediately!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2009


01. Stone Salad
02. Other Side Of The Water
03. Crashmind
04. 13th Of August
05. Return To Wax Inhabitants Town

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