Artist/ Band: FromUz
Title: Audio Diplomacy
Label: 10T Records
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

The Fromuz (From Uzbekistan for short), are a four piece, all-instrumental prog-fusion band, that simply takes the genres of progressive rock and fusion, adding a heavy element. Basically take any one of the fusion or prog giants of the 70’s and give them steroids and you have Fromuz. That’s just the foundation of their sound, they do so much more. The beauty of it all is none of the band members feel the need to showboat and steal the spotlight.

Their MySpace page cites Brand X, Liquid Tension Experiment, and Djam Karet as similar sounding bands. Of those I’d say they’re closer to LTE & DK but so much more.. They seems to have an quirky sense of humor that those bands lack and to me that really adds to the atmosphere. Also, none of the longer songs sound ‘forced’ or done as a obligatory nod to the prog or fusion genres.

Added to the package is a live DVD, where you get to see the band perform all the songs from Audio Diplomacy plus two others. A nice way of showing they’re not just some studio project. I look forward to their set at BajaProg. I believe they’re going to be the ’darlings’ of the whole festival.

All I have to say in conclusion, is to get this cd/DVD release especially if you’re attending BajaProg!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 10th, 2007


1. Intro 6:11
2. From Fromuz 10:12
3. Wax Inhabitants Town 12:36
4. Gameplay Imitation 8:18
5. Spare Wheel 8:37
6. Familiarization Results 7:33
7. Harry Heller Theater 12:13
8. Babylon Dreams 9:16

From Fromuz
Wax Inhabitants Town
Gameplay Imitation
Remark #12
Spare Wheel
Dual Ad Libitum
Familiarization Results
Harry Heller Theater
Babylon Dreams

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