Artist/ Band: FromUz
Title: Inside Seventh Story (DVD)
Label: 10T Records
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

This is both a live performance video of FromUZ playing their latest album The Seventh Story in its entirety. It is also a full feature disc including a Christmas interview and other features.

The wonderful thing about this video is that it adds to the musical experience from the bandís latest album, The Seventh Story. Iíve already done an extensive review of the album so I will not repeat the review of the individual tracks. The actors on stage add to the performance and help fill in the details of the songs. You get the experience of attending a live FromUZ show, to complete the total experience of this album masterpiece.

The performance begins with that tapping noise at the beginning of the album. You can better understand itís origins from the actors playing out their roles. The band interacts well together and with their audience. You can see the emotion in everyoneís faces as each of the best licks and sounds are delivered. You can feel the music more through both the expressions and the subtle and expert way each note is performed and each instrumental transition unfolds before your eyes. The smoke effects add volumes to the environment.

Actors add color to the overall performance. The quality of the recording is exceptional. The lighting fantastic and well planned. The band does a great job of bringing this album to life on stage and transporting you mentally to the stage. Despite being mostly instrumental music, the dynamic sound and great camera work switching between players keeps you well entertained. The filming is brilliant with each performer getting his fair share of the spotlight. You also get to see the degree to which this band uses a multitude of instruments on stage. The guitar techniques are front and center. You are given a view of the show that even a front row veteran may envy. You are completely within the experience. They really took great care to make sure the viewer could see all of the highlights as the album progresses.

Maybe this is what the founders of MTV once envisioned, that bands would release videos of their latest albums, instead of or in addition to the audio CDs. If so, FromUZ is ahead of many bands by playing this great album in its entirety live for their fans. If you already have the CD, it is still worthwhile to purchase this video to see the band in action performing it live. The split screens are cool showing different angles simultaneously.

The planning and preparation on this video is in evidence throughout. The background video effects also add to the experience. Releasing this video after the CD, helped bring back all the memories of listening to the album for the first time again. I wonít spoil the end except to say having video really helps to close this album well.

Actually I can think of many bands that should have done this at the time they recorded their now famous albums. Imagine if we had a live video of Abbey Road shot when the band was young and the material new. Imagine Whoís Next or Dark Side of the Moon recorded live on video at the time it was made? Is FromUZís album as epic as those? Only time will tell. But luckily they have had the foresight and technology available to them to record this for the future.

The interview included as an extra feature is very good with many questions answered using English subtitles. The Working Episodes and Backstage sections give the fan a glimpse into the production process. You get to see the human side of the band creating and setting up for a show.

This is easily one of the best videos of the year. Well planned and worth every penny you spend, especially if you are a fan of the band.

Rating: 10/10 Ė Excellent!

Reviewed by Prof on October 17th, 2010


1. Perfect Place
2. Parallels
3. Desert Circle
4. Bell of the Earth
5. Taken
6. Influence of Time
7. Perfect Love

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