Artist/ Band: Fen
Title: Of Losing Interest
Label: Ripple Music
Year of Release: 2012
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The Review:

Back in 2010, I got a chance to review four albums from a Canadian progressive rock band called Fen. As I previously stated the band dwells somewhere between grunge, punk and progressive rock genres with the emphasis primarily in high energy.

Their latest album, from 2012, called Of Losing Interest remains very progressive sound but more of a emphasis on short punchy songs with two ballad-ish tunes, “Light Up The End” and “Pilot Plant” (the album‘s longest song at “6:04“). By today’s digital age, the entire album is short at under 39 minutes. Where it lacks in length it makes up in content.

I’ve had this on very heavy rotation for about a month before finishing off my review. Each time it’s over I had to repeat it, due to it’s infectious vibe each song has. I’d say this is something you must listen to in it’s entirety to take in the sonic vibe it emits.

My favorite songs are, “Riddled”, “Of Losing Interest”, “Nice For Three Days” and the two previously mentioned ballad-ish tunes. This doesn’t mean you have to only listen to these then do something else. No, you have to listen to this entire fantastic album, it is possible their best one yet!

If you enjoy shorter progressive sounding rock, grunge or punk style music then look no further than Fen’s Of Losing Interest. I assure you won’t lose any interest in this band once you hear this album! A must have album!! Buy NOW!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 17th, 2013


01. Riddled
02. Of Losing Interest
03. Nice For Three Days
04. A Long Line
05. The Glove
06. Drunken Relief
07. Light Up The End
08. Pilot Plant
09. Snake Path

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