Artist/ Band: Fen
Title: Surgical Transfusion Of Molting Sensory Reflections
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2000
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Fen is a Canadian band that borders somewhere between grunge, punk and progressive rock genres and has it's origins back in British Columbia in 1998 when Doug Harrison (vocals) and Sam Levin (guitars) formed the band. The duo was soon joined by Nando Polessel (drums) then the band Fen was complete. In the year 2,000 they released a debut album entitled Surgical Transfusion Of Molting Sensory Reflections. The influences that I hear on the debut album range from Nirvana to a very raw version of Tool. Yet their sound is unique and sometimes hard to get into.

I have the extreme privilege of reviewing the bandís entire catalog and I have to say at this point, Dougís unique vocals kind of leave me with a luke-warm feeling. Now musically I like the DIY style about the compositions which are tight and have a punk attitude to them. Sadly itís the vocals that holds the album back. Itís that element alone that makes it hard for me to honestly recommend the album. That being said, you can hear the nucleus of the bandís sound and with hindsight it contains crucial building blocks that over the course of a short time, is refined.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 17th, 2010


01. Pore Of A Blood Sac
02. Scuplting the Watershed
03. Tar Field Survey
04. Cum and Snowflakes
05. Wooden Stilts
06. Dove Neck Stem
07. Hovel Box
08. Dim Red Rom

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