Artist/ Band: Fen
Title: Heron Leg
Label: Freak Ox Records
Year of Release: 2003
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The Review:

Three years have passed and a line-up augmentation since their debut. In 2003 the band released it’s second album entitled Heron Leg. Joining Doug Harrison (vocals), Sam Levin (guitars) and Nando Polessel (drums) is Brent LeCounte (bass). The band’s sound expanded a bit, while still in a raw form you can hear Doug’s vocals slowly evolving. He seems to have a little bit more range from deep brooding to moments of higher pitched vocals. The influences are the same but with the addition of an Opeth like vibe in the music.

As previously stated in my review of the debut album, I have the extreme privilege of hindsight to see how the band evolves from album to album. From the opening track “Birth Cellar” (5:21) to the closing track “Sparrow” (5:51), the listener is treated to an album of raw in your face music. There are some moments where the band explores and adds more of a progressive rock element than on the debut. This makes Heron Leg easier to listen to than the debut. I still have a hard time recommending this one too. I think if you get all four albums there’s an appreciation of the band’s evolution.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 17th, 2010


01. Birth Cellar
02. Estuary
03. Bathtub
04. Dragonflies
05. The Empty Spool
06. The Trade
07. Heron
08. Crickets
09. Grandfather's Hide
10. Sparrow

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