Artist/ Band: Aaron English
Title: American (Fever) Dream
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

Three years since Aaron English‘s ‘The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon‘, he releases a brand new album, ’American (Fever) Dream’, of more singer/songwriter genre rather than doing a progressive rock style. While the songs are more mainstream vein than his previous albums, it does showcases the unique voice of Aaron English.

From the opening track, “Believe” (4:25) to the last song (before the edits) “The Name Of This Song Is A Secret/Outro” (6:48), the listener is treated to quality music that only Aaron English can create. He reminds me a little of Peter Gabriel, not in voice but in creativity.

While not within the prog genres, I feel ’American (Fever) Dream’ is as important as any prog album released in 2011. Aaron released some extras as downloads (I think) that need to be mentioned here. First off, his faithful (in my opinion ) cover of The Beatles song “Norwegian Wood” (4:20) and “Norwegian Wood/Kashmir” (9:41) which includes a very good cover of the Led Zeppelin classic song. He also included a different version of a song from his last album, “Crossing The Desert, Crossing The Sea (Version 2) (4:13).

In closing if you like intelligent well crafted singer/songwriter music then look no further than Aaron English’s ‘American (Fever) Dream’. You won’t be disappointed with purchasing this release.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 6th, 2011


01. Believe
02. Doves
03. Anthem
04. Sleight Of Heart/Outro
05. Peace
06. A Northern Sort Of Silence
07. Pale Saint
08. God Bless You And Your Man
09. The Name Of This Song Is A Secret/Outro

10. Believe (Single edit)
11. Doves (Single edit)

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