Artist/ Band: Aaron English
Title: All The Waters Of This World
Label: ProgRock Records
Year of Release: 2002
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Aaron English's debut All the Waters of This World features eleven songs performed Aaron (on vocals, piano, electronics and various ethnic instruments). Aaron is supported by a four-piece band, with guest appearances by thirteen other musicians from seven different countries.

The music of the album itself is diverse pop based songs with some progressive elements. Songs include full string orchestrations, along with Middle Eastern and West African drum ensembles. You can even hear a hurdy-gurdy or didjeridu layered with electronics.

According to Aaron, the subject matter of his lyrics are about our universal struggle to hold on to a sense of ourselves and to each other - in a world that is growing smaller, less familiar, and more complicated with each passing day.

He lives and works out of Seattle. The musical background that he draws upon, on his debut, come from all over the world, hence the title All the waters of this World.

To my ears, Aaron's vocals seems to be a hybrid of Peter Gabriel, Sting and even Mark Knoffler. Aaron's music with it's original sound that will cater to most prog fans. He has a good home on Progrock Records, even though he may not be classified as a progressive music artist. In any case, I would highly recommend you get this cd and hear for yourself.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 4th, 2003


01. Sea of Nectar
02. Deep Blue Quiet Places
03. The Lullaby of Loneliness
04. All the Waters of This World
05. Ghost Is Broken
06. Flower of Lebanon
07. Very Very Heavy
08. Mandeleine
09. Santiago
10. Lullaby
11. Animals Like Us

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