Artist/ Band: Witsend
Title: Cosmos And Chaos
Label: Entropy Records
Year of Release: 1993/2004

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The Review:

Witsend released one album back in 1993 called Cosmos And Chaos, then they disappeared only to re-emerge as Syzygy. They learned that their namesake, Witsend was stolen per say by some other band, so Syzygy was born. Anyways, after the success of Allegory of Light, the band thought it would be a great idea to remaster and release Cosmos And Chaos, so fans that were unaware of this release can enjoy as well as those familiar with it.

They wear their influences on their sleeves but never indulge in any one style. Cosmos And Chaos is all things 70's with a 90's production and a new millennium remastering. Just like in Syzygy, the musicianship is stellar, you get to hear how they sounded a decade ago.

I must say that Cosmos And Chaos & Allegory of Light are companion releases and if you havenít already done so, pick them both up. Witsend/Syzygy are a wonderful modern progressive rock band with a 70's sense of instrumentation about their music. And they are so far from being retro. Donít take my word, go to their website and hear some of the samples today then get out your credit card and buy Cosmos And Chaos, better yet get them both, your ears will be in prog heaven!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 10th, 2004


1. Voyager
2. Circadian Rhythm
3. Tautology
4. Etude No. 1
5. Strange Loop II
6. Cosmos
7. Poetry in B Minor
8. Etude No. 2
9. The Tone Row
10. Closure
11. Chaos

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