Artist/ Band: Wilton Said
Title: Half Life
Label: Said Style
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

It‘s been 5 years in between the last Wilton Said album, The View (2006) and Half Life (2011). The evolution from album to album continues to better it‘s already wonderful slice of progressive & art rock music. I would say Half Life is a high point in the career of Wilton Said. Depending on who you ask, it‘s either a short album or just the perfect length at under 40 minutes. I would have preferred another 10 minutes, maybe in the form of one song but that’s just me.

The album is primarily made up of tracks under the 4 minute mark (“Endorphin Crash” (3:35), “Bydlo” (2:40), “Down” (3:40) and “City on the Water” (2:47)). Along with two long songs, the title track “Half Life” (9:50) and “Simple” (14:35), which in my opinion shows the music output in a more expanded form. Maybe on the next album, Wilton Said can explore this more.

In previous album reviews, I mentioned that there’s a Geoff Mann/ Freddie Mercury vibe coming from the vocal performance. Musically there’s a more DIY art rock vibe but more polished than previous efforts. If this peeks your interest, I would recommend Half Life as an entry point into the world of Wilton Said, and from there you can colelct the other albums to fully appreciate the wonderful music they’ve put out since 1999.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 22nd, 2012


01. Half Life (9:50)
02. Endorphin Crash (3:35)
03. Bydlo (2:34)
04. Down (3:40)
05. Simple (14:35)
06. City on the Water (2:47)

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