Artist/ Band: Wilton Said
Title: World Up My Ass/ Broken
Label: Said Style Productions
Year of Release: 1999/ 2001
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The Review:

I had the extreme pleasure to review Wilton Saidís 2004 release Butterfly Plague and was given the opportunity to review his previous works World Up My Ass and Broken. I decided to combine those reviews since Broken is rather short (under 30 minutes). Upon listening to both of these releases, I got a chance to hear how well Wilton Saidís music sounded early on in their career.

Wilton Saidís music is one of the most enjoyable progressive pop-rock bands to come cross my hands in a long while. Their music even has nods to the art and glam rock scene of the 70's like Queen, Roxy Music, Genesis, David Bowie and Be Bop Deluxe. The vocals are rather unique for this style of music, thatís usually plagued by Peter Gabriel and Jon Anderson wannabees. Even on these recordings Wilton voice strongly reminds me of the late Geoff Mann with small hints of Freddie Mercury.

If youíre tired of what the more popular bands are releasing these days, then Iíd highly recommend that you explore this bandís albums as soon as you can. Your ears will thank you many times over. This is one of my favorite independent bands of all time.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 10th, 2005

World Up My Ass Tracks:

1. Star
2. Shopping Asia
3. Holiday People
4. Sin
5. Real
6. In My Dreams
7. The Wedding Dress
8. And Still ... Nobody Sang
9. Whipped Cream
10. No Other Way

Broken Tracks:

1. Broken Mind
2. The Gap
3. One
4. All For You (part 1)
5. In A People Bar
6. Confess

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