Artist/ Band: Tobin Mueller
Title: A Bit Of Light
Label: The Lost Records
Year of Release: 2007
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Pianist and keyboardist Tobin Mueller has recorded a few instrumental albums, but A Bit Of Light is a collection of actual songs composed over a decades-long stretch, but recorded now for the first time. Tobin Mueller's vocals are a bit mellow and low, but they are just one aspect and he gets his point across (after all, this is his album). Interestingly, the album is a collaborative affair with Mueller's wife Suzanne and son Anton co-authoring, respectively, the lyrics and music outside of the Froese clan, this is something not often chanced upon. Guest musicians include pianist brother Chris Mueller, electric guitarist McBoy, violinist Martyn Kember-Smith, and some talented brass and woodwind players, almost all of who also play on Tobin's sensational instrumental eclectic jazz album Rain Bather. "Let It Play" is arguably the standout song with its "white soul" flavor; dare one say it might even make a potential single? "When You Left" is quite the past reflection on a long-ended emotional drama, and aptly and admirably mirrors the sort of heartfelt acoustic guitar-driven folk that helped make James Taylor. Other songs like the more animated "Crazy Story" turn up the volume with prominent sax and basslines (though again, Mueller's voice is a little too mellow). Still a pretty cool effort from a guy who's proven he can record in a plethora of styles, from solo piano to rock to jazz.

Reviewed by Elias Granillo Jr. on January 24th, 2010


01. Be My Love
02. I Have Dreamed In Another
03. Bring On The Storm
04. Crazy Story
05. The Waitress
06. Icarus
07. Door In My Heart
08. Hold On To The Thread Of Love
09. Can't Complain
10. Let Me Play
11. My Heart Still Beats
12. When You Left
13. Final Words
14. Loolay Lullaby

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