Artist/ Band: Tobin Mueler
Title: 13 Masks: Solo Piano
Label: Simig Media
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

In 2007, Keyboardist Tobin Mueller released an album, that mixes jazz, avant-garde classical in what he refers to as "Progressive Ragtime", called 13 Masks Solo Piano. Musically I hear more of a classical feel throughout with improvisations, which brings on the jazz element. The whole album is a very pleasant thing to listen to but more as a background. I say this mainly due to being a single instrument based music., it just tends to be more melodic rather than dramatic (not that thatís a bad thing).

Now with all that said, this not commercial music by any stretch of the imagination. Itís something most fans of progressive rock, jazz and non-mainstream classical music will appreciate the most. I would recommend this album for fans of piano based music especially those that consider themselves musical connoisseurs.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 15th, 2008


1. You Make My Heart Skip A Beat
2. The Gumshoe Wears A Rag
3. Shadow Of Success
4. Memories Of Elegance
5. Stillness Of Wings
6. Chaos Of The Subconcious
7. Two Peas In A Chili Pod
8. A Monk Caught In A Thelonious Sphere
9. Chromatisome Swing
10. Holding Breath With Ophelia
11. Let Me Play With Those Horns, Amalthea
12. I Sail On (into deeper waters)
13. The Last Mask Falls Away

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