Artist/ Band: The Watch
Title: Planet Earth?
Label: Lizard/ Pick Up Records
Year of Release: 2010
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Back in 2005 I reviewed The Watch’s second album Vacuum and ever since then they’ve been on my radar. As stated in the Vacuum review, the music isn’t original. In fact The Watch has this uncanny ability to replicate the Gabriel-era Genesis from the instrumentation to the dead-ringer vocals of that era. The Watch’s vocalist, Simone Rossetti is the only constant in the band as over the years the line-ups have changed. The band was originally called The Night Watch and had an album released under that name. It wasn’t until 2001 when the band shortened their name to The Watch and released the album, Ghost. Since then they’ve consistently released an album approximately ever 3 years.

After several listens, I find Planet Earth to be the strongest effort by The Watch. It seems that the band hones it skills in between albums as I’m sure they do in a live setting. Each song illustrates each of the Genesis albums from Nursery Crymes to The Lamb. Sometimes even in the same song.

My favorites of this album are the opening track “Welcome To Your Life” (6:11), which starts off the album gloriously. Next favorite is “Earth” (5:51) is an upbeat track that flows smoothly from start to finish. The last track, “Tourist Trap” (7:22) could very well been part of an album of Genesis, had Peter Gabriel stayed around for a year or so longer.

In closing, if you’re seeking new groundbreaking music then you’ should look elsewhere. But if you long for those ‘golden’ years as some call it, then Planet Earth will fulfill all of your desires. Since there will , most likely, not be a full Genesis re-union, fans can sink their teeth into this well crafted album. I would recommend this album as one of the most enjoyable albums of 2010.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 25th, 2010


01. Welcome To Your Life
02. Something Wrong
03. Earth
04. All The Lights In Town
05. The World Inside
06. New Normal
07. Tourist Trap

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