Artist/ Band: The Watch
Title: Vacuum
Label: Lizard/Pick Up Records
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Sometimes the die hard prog fans can be difficult and too critical about bands that borrow from the past to create music. I am not one of those, in fact when it’s done right it comes out as a “lost” album. This is the case for The Watch with their latest release Vacuum. Original? No not by a long shot but these guys don’t struggle or force themselves to sound like the band Genesis. The singer Simone Rossetti simply sounds like a very young Peter Gabriel that it sends chills up my spine. The rest of the band have studied the technics of Genesis without getting classified as another clone band. One can hear bits and pieces of Genesis music within the songs of Vacuum but the difference to me is that the music is more energetic and in your face than most of Genesis’ music. The only reason, is that the technology is it 2004 and not 1974.. This isn’t a bad thing at all but most younger audiences tend to like music with a fuller sound.

I have to say that The Watch is one of the better bands to emerge from prog scene in recent times and deserves to be heard by more people. Especially those that long for yesteryear’s compositions and arrangements. With saying that I have to recommend this to Genesis and fans of the symphonic based progressive rock.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 24th, 2005


1. Hills
2. Damage Mode
3. Wonderland
4. Shining Bald Heads
5. Out of the Land
6. Goddess
7. Deeper Still
8. The Vacuum

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