Artist/ Band: The Rebel Wheel
Title: We Are In The Time Of Evil Clocks
Label: 10T Records
Year of Release: 2010
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After almost a 3 year gap, Canadian progressive rock band The Rebel Wheel released “We Are In the Time of Evil Clocks” (in 2010). The line-up is different than Diagramma, as there’s new blood in the band Joining David & Angie are Aaron Clark (drums) and Guy Dagenais (bass). On this album, the band returns with a more eclectic sound. They’re one of those few new bands that truly defy classification, especially since the don‘t sound like any current band I’ve ever heard.

The sound on this album incorporates a dissonant and experimentation quality, found mainly (the Wetton years) of King Crimson. Imagine that era fronted by a female/male combination and you get an idea of what The Rebel Wheel sounds like.

The focal point of this album is the 7 part suite, “The Discovery of Witchcraft” (27:54). The fourth part starts out sounding like something that Goblin would have done around Suspira. My only (small) gripe is that this song wasn’t recorded as one track rather than a suite.

The title track (4:49) opens the album starts out with a droning sound that evolves into dissonant instrumentation. Ending off the album is “Evil Clocks 2” (2:47) has that same droning sound and ends the album perfectly.

My favorite track that I go back over and over is “Klak”. It’s one of the more dissonant songs on this album. It features vocals by David Campbell. David reminds me a little of Roger Waters when he sings the softer parts. The dissonant parts remind me of the chaotic section of King Crimson’s “Starless”.

Another favorite track of mine is “Settling Of Bones” which features vocals by Angie Maclvor and David does backing vocals here. It’s a hauntingly beautiful song and also the most mellow of the album.

In closing, I would highly recommend “We Are In The Time of Evil Clocks” to fans of the band as well as King Crimson (Red) and Roger Waters (Amused To Death). This one of the best and my favorite releases of 2010.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 31st, 2010


01. We Are In The Time Of Evil Clocks
02. Klak
03. Wordplay
04. Scales of the Ebony Fish
05. Settling Of Bones
06-12. The Discovery of Witchcraft
13. Evil Clocks 2

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