Artist/ Band: The Rebel Wheel
Title: Diagramma
Label: 10T Records
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

The Rebel Wheel sent me their second full album, Diagramma a few months back but then asked me to wait for the new edition for a proper review. My first impression of the music was it’s a dark heavy progressive style similar to King Crimson’s mid-70’s era.

But that’s just the foundation of their sound due to the offbeat quirky moments and full of some unexpected twists. On the new edition, there’s two extra songs that fit perfectly with the originals.

My favorites off this are, the opening track “Threads” with it‘s modern sounding vibe that in some ways remind of how King Crimson would have sounded now if they stayed with the Wetton/Bruford line-up. The other song is the epic 20 minute title track that really allows the band to flex it’s musical muscles if you will.

Other bands you can hear that influenced The Rebel Wheel are, Yes, The Beatles, Van Der Graaf Generator. Some newer bands that they remind me of are Beardfish. In fact I’d go to say The Rebel Wheel and Beardfish have similar approaches to progressive music without copying each other or their influences.

After several listens to Diagramma, I’d put them high up on the recommended purchases for 2007. If you want your progressive rock to be melodic, quirky, modern with a classic feel then look no further and order your copy ASAP!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 20th, 2007


1. Threads
2. Three Valley Gap
3. Diagramma
4. Tempra
5. Hiding In Waiting
6. Arachnophobia
7. Awakened

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