Artist/ Band: The GakeOmek
Title: Nonrenormalizability
Label: Blue Cube Music
Year of Release: 2010
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Multi-instrumentalist Robert Burger is the brainchild behind THE GAK OMEK, an experimental instrumental progressive project combining symphonic elements of Larry Fastís SYNERGY and FUTURE SOUNDS OF LONDON with the bone crunching bombastics of the Larks Tongue In Aspic thru Red era KING CRIMSON.

Nonrenormalizability is an impressive follow-up to Burgerís previous albums Alien Eye and Return Of The All-Powerful Light Beings. Each new release displays a remarkable level of compositional maturity and sophistication.

The music is an insane hyper-kinetic soundscape of psychedelic space rock, rhythmic tribal fusion, concrete sounds, manic guitar and keyboard interplay, and snippets of sampled dialog blended together into a giant acoustic Cuisinart, creating an exotic taste treat for the adventurous listener. Very highly recommended.

(And his track listing sure can play hell with Spell Check.)

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on May 9th, 2010


01. The Tunguska Event
02. The Pythagorean Lambdoma
03. Galaxia Nuncius
04. Nonrenormalizability
05. Bagudzinishinabe
06. Fifteen Billion Nanoseconds In Hell
07. Alien Television
08. Into The Fourth Density

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