Artist: The Gak Omek

Title: Alien Eye

Produced by: Robert Burger

Label/ Date: Blue Cube Music/ 2003

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1. Black Holes Colliding [10:53]
2. Here Comes the Aluminium Man [9:02]
3. Tourniquette of Roses [9:24]
4. Moonburn 3am [8:31]
5. Baby Gotta Visegrip [6:54]
6. Dancing Bologna [6:15]
7. Robotomy [4:34]
8. The Squiggly Parameter [5:24]

The Review:

The Gak Omek is basically Robert Burger with some oddly named musicians who add their own brand of instrumental progressive music. The website and liners notes are vague as to any other information, other than Mr. Burger is from the Garden State (New Jersey for those outside the USA) The principal instrument is the guitar although not a “guitar” based album. The guitar playing here is fluid and at time powerful. The music on Alien Eye are comprised of elements taken from electronica, space rock, symphonic and some slight fusion with the guitar sound. A very nice mixture of contrasting musical styles that Robert blended in so well.

Alien Eye, is one of the better CDs that has come across my desk in 2003. This is definitely a nice overlooked instrumental gem of 2003. I do hope that The Gak Omek continue to bring new fresh ideas as they have on Alien Eye.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 3rd, 2004

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