Artist/ Band: The Box
Title: John Of Mark
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 1995
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The Review:

After The Box disbanded in 1992, vocalist Jean-Marc Pisapia released a solo album John Of Mark in 1992. I guess with the growing interest in The Box, thanks to the internet, the album was re-released as The Box. Joining Jean-Marc are Francois Bruneau (guitars on all tracks except track 9, computers), Claude Thibault (guitars on track 9), Stephane Mayrand (drums) and Marc Gendron, Jean-Marc, Jean Pierre Brie (bass).

Jean-Marc warned me that this wasn’t a prog album and after listening to it a few times I would have to agree. The music is bordering on art rock and the track range in length from three to six and a half minutes. The instrumentation is well crafted and reminds me of a few more well known artists like Peter Gabriel (first three albums), Kevin Gilbert (solo mostly) and Toney Carey (solo and Planet P Project).

While not really a favorite of mine, the album documents what bands were doing during the mid-90’s in the pop/art rock genres. It was also nice to see how the music evolved from John Of Mark until he reformed The Box in 2002 with a new line-up. The result was an album called Black Dog There, which was released in 2006. I reviewed that album, see links below.

If you enjoy more pop driven music without the typical formula, then John Of Mark is the album for you. There’s a lot of memorable hooks and melodies throughout the album. There’s some rockier guitar parts that animate the music more.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 23rd, 2010


01. Don't Dance
02. Sucker
03. Never Gonna Die
04. We Don't Have To Have Sex
05. Hush
06. Strange Love
07. Sweat & Tears
08. Faces
09. Falling For You Angel
10. Pray To God
11. Real Life Death Of A Rock'n Roll Star
12. Stardust Hotel

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