Artist/ Band: The Box
Title: Black Dog There
Label: Komfy/ Universal
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

The Box was a very successful Pop/Rock band in the 1980's & early part of the 1990's that had some progressive elements in them, similar in the same way Saga made their music. In fact, I'd put them along side Saga as one of the better and important bands to emerge from Canada in the 1980's.

After a long hiatus of more then 10 years, band leader Jean-Marc Pisapia reformed the band but with new musicians and decided to produce an album in the musical genre he had always loved. The end result is a progressive rock album (Black Dog There) with a very accessible feel to most of the songs. While the music isnít ground breaking it does have a fresh feel to it and maybe could be characterized more as modern art rock but whatever the label is, itís the music that does the talking here.

One of my favorite tracks of the album is, So Beautiful. To me the title alone describes the mood of the song It has a ďsingleĒ quality to it and quite memorable long after the song is over. Black Dog There is an excellent progressive pop/rock album that deserves the attention of a larger audience especially fans of Saga, Planet P Project and the more melodic side of progressive rock music. Itís a recommended release for 2006 without any doubt!.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 8th, 2006


1. Liftoff
2. Black Dog There
3. So Beautiful
4. Watching Over You
5. Round & Round
6. We Need Time
7. Hell On Earth
8. Someday
9. Thatís The World
10. Run For It

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