Artist/ Band: The Aurora Project
Title: ...Unspoken Words
Label: DVS Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

The Aurora Project is a new six-piece Dutch progressive metal band. The band decided to start off their recording career on DVS Records in an ambitious way, with a conceptual album similar in ways to Pain of Salvationís Be. Similar only in the theme not the music, the music is by way of Tool, Porcupine Tree and even new comers Riverside and Indukti. Other bands that come to mind are Anathema and even Pink Floyd. The band does a fantastic job combining these elements into a style of itís own.

There is only one minor downside, in form of a narration, which reminds me of the many Ayreon albums,. This in my opinion disrupts the flow of the music. Other than that The Aurora Project show great potential of becoming one of the leading modern progressive metal bands. I feel the bandís best is yet to come but on Unspoken WordsÖ, you get a glimpse of that. Iíd recommend this more to fans of the mainstream side of modern metal than the progressive metal fans.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 4th, 2006


1. Unspoken Words I (2:25)
2. The Betrayal (4:46)
3. SD 9796 823 (1:00)
4. Unspoken Words II (2:27)
5. The Untold Prophecy (5:37)
6. The Event Horizon (7:03)
7. System Log [9608,10987] (5:55)
8. The Gathering (7:15)
9. SD 9843 123 (0:42)
10. Unspoken Words III (2:42)
11. SD 9862 000 (0:51)
12. Nocturnal Lament (6:41)
13. SD 9890 114 (0:53)
14. The Resurrection (8:38)
15. Prologue (5:51)

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