Artist/ Band: Sylvan
Title: X-Rayed
Label: Point Music
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

Sylvan has been a personal favorite progressive rock band of mine ever since I reviewed their third cd, Artificial Paradise. Since then I receive their latest release X-Rayed. I knew it was going to be good since the last one was so strong. I decided to invest in their history and purchase their first two releases, Deliverance and Encounters. Deliverance is good but it sounds more like what was out there in the late 90's prog scene. With Encounters you can hear the beginnings of what they become in X-Rayed. And what theyíve become is the definitive modern progressive rock band. I know thatís a bold statement but Iíll stick with it.

Sylvan shows us how well they combine well written songs with emotion filled lyrics and vocals. They have dark themes on X-Rayed, and at times bear more resemblance to a hardcore metal band lyric wise. I love every song on X-Rayed. To me, itís a perfect album. Iím finding myself listening to this over and over again, which to me is a sign of a future classic album So for fanís of the modern progressive rock style, get your wallets out and purchase this highly recommended gem! You will not regret this purchase!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 8th, 2004


1. So Easy
2. So Much More
3. Lost
4. You Are
5. Fearless
6. Related Gift
7. Today
8. Through My Eyes
9. Given - Used - Forgotten
10. This World Is Not For Me

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