Artist/ Band: Strange Land
Title: Blaming Season
Label: Nightmare Records
Year of Release: 2004
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Strange Land, returned in 2004 with a new album entitled Blaming Season. The band line-up differs from the first with Esteban Gonzales who replaced Brad Klotz on drums. The rest of the band remained the same but with an addition of cello. The influences are still the same as the debut but not as experimental. What we get is a more melodic based progressive rock/metal. One wonderful thing about these guys is no one is showcasing, all are contributing their part to the band.

From the opening of “Obliquity” (5:38) to the closing “Below The After” (8:33), we’re treated to a better bunch of songs than the debut. The band perfected their sound even more on this release. One thing I found is that the keyboards aren’t as prominent on this release as the debut. It seems to be a more scaled down sound this time around. One of my favorites off this album is “Marionette” (7:29). It has an acoustic opening and rocks just as hard as anything else on the album.

If you liked the direction the first album took, then going with The Blaming Season is both the logical and chronological step in Strange Land’s history. I feel it’s best to buy the albums in order to hear the progression of the band, especially if you’re new to the band as I am. I can honestly recommend this album without any doubt.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 3rd, 2010


01. Obliquity (5:38)
02. Cause And Defect (8:57)
03. Marionette (7:29)
04. In A Mind (7:02)
05. Dear Helena (5:40)
06. Exordium (1:52)
07. Alone We Go (6:45)
08. Below The After (8:33)

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