Artist/ Band: Soniq Theater
Title: Life Seeker
Label: Self Release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Soniq Theater, a.k.a. keyboardist Alfred Mueller, released solo album-number-eight, Life Seeker, in 2008. Mueller's ambitions are grandly proclaimed on the title track, which also features his vocals. Deft piano passages accompany a synthetic palette that unfortunately counts a very shrill electric guitar sample within its membership, a squealer that rears its ugly head here and there. (Usually digital drums are more distracting, but the percussion programming on Seeker is, for the most partm pretty solid.) While Mueller is quite the player, the song itself is rather drab, and the vocals don't seem to further the cause.

As per the usual Soniq approach, the album is primarily instrumental. "The Big Money" is tightly arranged, thoughtfully executed, with the same level, but too imitative, of stuff like Keith Emerson's "Changing States." The clavinet-anchored linear scheme of "An Overdose Of Rosie" is a more enjoyable, successful venture. "Alpine Skiing" seems to evoke Mueller's longing to compose film scores for the likes of White Rock. Likewise, "The Stalker" must be inspired somehow by The Burning, but again, a superb monophonic synth lead has to share the stage with its lesser siblings from the Soniq library. It's still a pretty good track; with analog bass and a less "rappity" drum program, it would be much better.

Not up to level of albums like Force Majeure and Vision Quest, Life Seeker still contains some good music, though it will mainly interest supporters of the instrumental/keyboard/prog camp(s).

Reviewed by Elias Granillo Jr on January 15th, 2012


01. Life Seeker 6:37
02. The Big Money 4:28
03. Romance 4:49
04. An Overdose Of Rosie 4:24
05. Hot House 4:36
06. Alpine Skiing 5:30
07. Gargano Vacation 4:53
08. The Stalker 4:26
09. Odd Times And Strange Days 5:24
10. Madly in Love 5:11

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