Artist/ Band: Soniq Theater
Title: Seventh Heaven
Label: Self release
Year of Release:
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The Review:

As the number in the title indicates, this is the seventh solo release by Soniq Theater mastermind, keyboardist Alfred Mueller, whose technical proficiency is on par with many a progressive rocker of the Third Wave. At times, his melodies and solos sound imitative of Pendragon's Clive Nolan or ex-Happy (The) Man and Camel'er Kit Watkins. The music on Seventh Heaven could benefit from a live rhythm section and real guitarist, as sometimes the overtly digital sounds of Mueller's rig aren't enough to overwhelm the shortcomings of the sampled sounds and sequencing. Then there are the times where a great instrumental is marred by wholly unnecessary vocals — case in point: "Lilly." Then there's the out-of-place amusement of "New Year's Eve" which sounds like a refugee from a German pop-rock single. Then there's the track that shares its name with a Phil Collins album, "But Seriously," yet sounds like a (slightly better) remnant from the closing chapter of Tangerine Dream's contract with Miramar. As the remainder of the album demonstrates, Mueller's intentions are admirable, but subsequent releases would further hone and sharpen the compositions with which he exhibits his already-dexterous keyboard attack.

Reviewed by Elias Granillo Jr on January 15th, 2012


01. The Fountain 3:57
02. Welcome Home 3:39
03. Lilly 5:20
04. New Year’s Eve 4:40
05. But Seriously 4:11
06. Lift-off 4:05
07. Trip Across The 7th Age 6:38
08.Closer To Heaven 6:39
09. Silk Road 5:31
10. Divine Harmonies 4:05

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