Artist/ Band: Slaves To Fashion
Title: Artistic Differences
Label: Hands Of Blue
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

Slaves To Fashion, formerly known as P:O:B (Pedestrians of Blue) released their debut album, Artistic Differences, in 2011. The band had sent me a promo and after months of listening to it, I finally got my notes together to do a review. The line-up remains the same as on their self titled EP from 2009.

Opening up the album is a powerful combo of “Love You Back” (3:51) and “Mrs. Hero” (3:02). These two songs work so well together, so much that they’re connected seamlessly. They’re also the best choices to open the album with. “Made To Meet My Eyes” (4:41) is the next logical song to follow. It’s also one of my favorites on the album.

Next song, “Superstar (I Want Out)” (4:42), has a very catchy indie art rock vibe to it. The band slows things down a bit with “Empty Chairs” (4:19) a melodic rock ballad which half way through the band takes back up a notch or two on the energy level.

Next we have, “Hands” (4:02) which has a modern hard art rock vibe to it. The next is, “Left Out In The Cold” (3:36) which has a very catchy chorus as well as memorable instrumentation.

Another melodic song on the album is “Out Of Here” (3:08). I think it’s placement is perfect. Next up is a very cool hard rock/ punky song called “Libido Ride” (2:50) .

Ending off the album is “Facts On The Ground” (10:05), which is the longest song in the band’s catalog. This is prog-metal done right, with some originality to it while not going too far off the path!

I tried to narrow down my favorites but the entire album is one of the more perfectly balance albums of 2011. I have a feeling this is the jumping off point of a great progressive rock/metal band‘s career. I can hardly wait for what’s next album.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 25th, 2011


01. Love You Back
02. Mrs. Hero
03. Made To Meet My Eyes
04. Superstar (I Want Out)
05. Empty Chairs
06. Hands
07. Left Out In The Cold
08. Out Of Here
09. Libido Ride
10. Facts On The Ground

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