Artist/ Band: P:O:B
Title: Crossing Over
Label: FishFarm Records
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

P:O:B, a.k.a. Pedestrians of Blue, is a Norwegian band that released their debut album on June 4th , 2007 called Crossing Over .Since the band started in 2002, they’ve released (according to the band’s website) some well received demos and a EP. P:O:B is a quartet which consists of Johannes Stole (vocals),Torfinn Sirnes (guitars), Rudolf Fredly (bass) and Harald Levang (drums).

Crossing Over is a concept album that tells the story of a man’s struggle with love, family and religion. Over the course of the album the styles while rooted in hard rock, varies from straight-forward to progressive. Musically they sound like similar to such bands like Queensr˙che (possibly circa Empire), Dream Theater (Images & Words), Black Sabbath (Dio-era) to name a few. They touch on the progressive element throughout the album, especially on the title track and the closer, “Out of The Rain” but mostly the music is very straight forward, done with catchy songs with some intelligence to them.

If you like the aforementioned bands and want something different but not straying far from a familiar sound, then look no further than P:O:B’s debut Crossing Over. I’d recommend it as one of the best debuts of 2007. I look forward to future releases!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 14th, 2007


1. Father & Son
2. Promises
3. The Garden
4. Where The Rain Falls
5. Crossing Over
6. The Line
7. World of Things
8. The Other Side
9. How Much More Than a Dream
10. The Altar of Love
11. Why
12. Out of the Rain

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