Artist/ Band: Riverside
Title: Second Life Syndrome
Label: 2005
Year of Release:
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The Review:

Second Life Syndrome, by Riverside, is their second full release (first album to be released on their new label, InsideOut Music. Previously they were on the Laserís Edge label). Most of the style and vibe from the first album is present on Second Life Syndrome but this time around the beef up the power in some songs that melds modern progressive rock/ metal with some psychedelic space rock. Giving to my ears a rather unique style that would win over progressive and modern rock fans alike. Riverside is one of the better accessible modern progressive rock bands to come out in ages. In fact theyíve been often compared as a hybrid of the best elements of Porcupine Tree and Opeth.

Riverside is one of those rare bands that can appeal to many sides of the rock genre spectrum while still appealing to the core progressive rock fan base, especially the ones that enjoy bands to not be clones of the 70's prog giants. One of my favorites off Second Life Syndrome is the beautiful complex brutality of "Volte-Face" and the near 16-minute title track. There are some songs that can, in a perfect world, be hit singles such as Conceiving You, Artificial Smile and I Turned You Down.

I canít say much more about this gem other than if the appeal of modern progressive rock is what you like then Second Life Syndrome needs to be a part of your CD collection today. Itís simply one of the best of 2005! Pick up a copy for yourself today!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 3rd, 2006


1. After
2. Volte-Face
3. Conceiving You
4. Second Life Syndrome
5. Artificial Smile
6. I Turned You Down
7. Reality Dream III
8. Dance with the Shadow
9. Before

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