Artist/ Band: Rick Miller
Title: The End Of Days
Label: MALS
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

In 2010, record label MALS re-issued Rick Miller‘s The End Of Days from 2006. I‘ve had the extreme pleasure of reviewing all of Rick’s albums to date of which this one ranking high among them. On The End Of Days is a darker vibe than the other albums. It’s also a very fitting title and subject mater today as well as in 2006.

From the opening self titled track, “The End Of Days” (7:19), you’re instantly taken into a world of darkness. I’m sure Rock was giving his commentary of the way the world could go. You can interpret it any way you like, either a warning or as the path we‘re taking as a race on this earth. This is definitely one of my favorites off this album and Rick’s enter discography so far.

“The Knives Of Indifference” (6:03) has a more upbeat vibe while retaining the darkness of the first track. It gets a boost of energy about halfway through. This one also has a flamenco vibe in the soft parts.

As the album continues, the songs get a more concise structure starting with “The Prisoner” (4:56) then continuing onto the final track “Face Into The Wind” (0:34) and the out of place bonus track of “Angel Eyes, Part 2” (1:40). I feel the bonus track could have either been left off or available as a cd-rom track.

If you’ve enjoyed Rick’s releases so far, then The End Of Days is something you simple must get. It’s by far one of his better albums in it‘s entirety, to date. Rick’s work is for fans of bands like Phideaux that dive into the dark side of prog and rock with a classic sense, a dash of some gothic elements throughout. Highly recommended is my verdict!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 20th, 2011


01. The End Of Days (7:19)
02. The Knives Of Indifference (6:03)
03. The Prisoner (4:56)
04. Soma For Your Soul (5:57)
05. The Prisoner's Escape (4:28)
06. Echoes Of You (4:00)
07. Eating Goya (4:32)
08. I Can Hear The Sunrise (5:35)
09. Face Into The Wind (0:34)

Bonus track:

10. Angel Eyes Part 2 (1:40)

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