Artist/ Band: Rick Miller
Title: Falling Through Rainbows
Label: Unicorn Digital
Year of Release: 2009
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Canadian multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Rick Miller has been making music ever since the early 80’s. It wasn’t until about a few years ago that he began creating music in the progressive rock genre. In 2009 he released through Unicorn Digital album called Falling Through Rainbows. He has many influences that I can hear like Pink Floyd, Moody Blues and contemporary acts like Phideaux & Guy Manning.

On Falling Through Rainbows, the music is melodic with some occasional carefully orchestrated aggressive bursts. Rick Miller sounds , to me, like a mix of Phideaux & Guy Manning. His guitar solos remind me of what David Gilmour achieves on Pink Floyd and solo. Joining Rick on this album are Sara Young (flute), Mateusz Swoboda (cello), Kane Miller (guitar, violin) and the singular named, Will (drums)

There are two songs that stand out the most for me, “The Fortunate One” and “Your Ghost Tonight”. In a perfect world, these two songs would be hit singles all over the world. The rest of the album keeps up in a similar vein which flows perfectly. Almost as if the entire album was one song broken up into 9 parts, with a a beautiful haunting vibe in both the instrumentation and vocals.

In closing, I feel that Falling Through Rainbows is one of the most beautifully sounding albums from 2009 and hopefully Rick will continue on his progressive path. Rick is now on my radar as a vibrant artist in the progressive rock genre and hope he will be on others soon. I would recommend highly that fans of the afore mentioned bands as well as melodic progressive rock to purchase this album immediately.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 6th, 2010


01. The Journey
02. The Fortunate One
03. Rose Coloured Halls
04. Everything Dies
05. Thoughts Of Suicide
06. Spanish Sun
07. Your Ghost Tonight
08. The Days Of Hieronymus
09. This Heart Of Mine

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