Artist/ Band: Ra Quintet
Title: Ra Quintet
Label: Bennett Aliance Records
Year of Release: 2009
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In my short exposure to jazz/fusion, I can add another band to the expanding list, that band is Boston’s own Ra Quintet. They combine the classic vibe of founders of the genre while giving a fresh feel. The band consists of Brent Grieshaber (guitars), Rich Greenblatt (vibes), John Servo (upright bass), Rick Landwehr (drums) with guests like Brendan Burns (guitars) and Jason Davis (bass).

Standouts for me are the opening track “Moving”, which has a very nice groove to it in parts. Probably the most fluid track on the album. “Good Knowledge” which starts off in a folksy Canterbury vibe and in many ways similar to Gentle Giant. Then on “Up-Words” and “Fresh Air“ have a more fusion edge to them. I think Brent does a really good job channeling John McLaughlin on them.

The rest of the album is great and always a pleasure hearing it each time I feel the mood for some modern jazz/fusion. I was looking around on the web and noticed there’s not that much press for this gem. It’s ashame, since this album and band are worthy to be mentioned among the greats of the genre. It deserves more exposure. I also hear they put on a damn fine live show too recently (September 2009) and Rick Landwehr did double drum duty with Ra Quintet and his band Tamandua. This is one of my favorite releases of 2009 and gets a high recommendation too.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 30th, 2009


01. Moving
02. Intrinsic Nature (Going Far Means Returning)
03. Triple Flip
04. Space And Time
05. Good Knowledge
06. Up-Words
07. MDF
08. Fresh Air
09. cat Nap
10. Prelude
11. Wiggle Room

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