Artist/ Band: Tamandua
Title: The Eternal Anteater Of The Universe
Label: Bennett Alliance records
Year of Release: 2009
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In 2009, a progressive-jazz trio called Tamandua released their debut album, Eternal Anteater of the Universe. The band consists of Rick Landwehr (drums), Joe Conley (Guitar) and Rick Stone (Sax/Clarinet). The band takes the traditional progressive rock and jazz rock feel and mixes it up with a bit of avant-garde and some ethnic music to create a very enjoyable 8 tracks of music.

The most aggressive pieces on the album is “Lizards In Reeds” and “To The Planet To“ with the latter giving off a King Crimson vibe. Then the most ethnic sounding is on “Temple Of Ghosts”. The most complex sounding is the ending track, “Wind Evil Remedy” All of these are standouts on this short (by modern standard) album. But the way I look at it is quality, not quantity

Tamandua along with Ra Quintet are two of my favorite jazz flavored bands of 2009 and I can’t recommend either enough. Do them both a service and get both albums. They’re different yet have a companion feel to them.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 30th, 2009


01. Giraffe Boy
02. The Gypsy Cat From Persia
03. Lizards In The Reeds
04. Temple Of Ghosts
05. Redux
06. The Skeleton Boat
07. To The Planet To
08. Wind Evil Remedy

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