Artist/ Band: Par Lindh Project (PLP)
Title: Time Mirror
Label: Crimsonic Label
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

After almost a decade, the Par Lindh Project returns with a brand new album and line-up. The line-up on the new album entitled Time Mirrors is Par Lindh (Keyboards, drums & percussion), William Kopecky (Bass) and joining them is Al Lewis (Vocals, drums & percussion). In addition to the trio are Anders Lagerkvist (Violin), Bo-Inge Svensson (Trumpet), Svetlan Raket (Drums on “Time Mirrors”) and Stefan Bergman (Drums on “Sky Door”).

Opening the four song album is the title track, “Time Mirror” (17:09) with the over the top keyboard sounds remind me of what Keith Emerson is doing now a days. Then about three minutes into the song the vocals begins, which reminds me of Jon Anderson formerly of Yes. This gives a fresh take on the music of PLP.

The next track “Waltz Street” (4:50), the shortest track on the album which has Par Lindh doubling up on drums & percussion. This is very enjoyable and clever song very similar to the rag-time style of music.

Next is “With Death Reconciled” (10:05) which in the liner notes is dedicated to former PLP vocalist Magdalena Berg who passed away in the prime of her life in 2007. While the subject matter is about death, there’s a sense of rebirth with the somewhat uplifting vocals.

And finally, an instrumental piece, “Sky Door“ (9:44). It features an alumni from the first PLP album, drummer Stefan Bergman (I‘m hoping that it‘s the same guy). This song a beautiful majestic way of ending off Time Mirror. Nothing overly complex just a forward flowing piece, that musically recalls slightly of ELP’s Pirates.

In closing, I’m so glad PLP is back and in it’s trio plus format. This time around the music is slightly more accessible in the arrangements but still as viable as anything else in the PLP catalog. With that I have to say if you’ve enjoyed PLP in the past and were waiting for a comeback, then this is the album for you. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 29th, 2011


01. Time Mirror
02. Waltz Street
03. With Death Unreconciled
04. Sky Door

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